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potato plant







There are so many different potato varieties, usually described as early, second early and maincrop potatoes. These names indicate when they crop and also give you an idea of the space you'll need, how closely and when they can be planted.First Early :First early potatoes are perfect if you want to grow small, new potatoes and should be planted from the end of February to late May. They'll be ready to harvest in about 10 weeks from the planting date. It's a good idea to 'chit' these varieties before planting - this produces long shoots from which the plants will grow. First early potatoes are ideal for growing in potato patio planters or containers. If you are short on Space and would love to Grow Potatoes The PotatoPot is ideal for you.A few of our most popular First earlies are Sharpes Express,: ‘Sharpe’s Express’ is a favourite early in Ireland for good reason. It is unusual amongst ‘earlies’ in that it is a floury potato . Ideal for steaming

HomeGaurd :  
a superior potato with excellent flavourPentland Javeiln: A lovely soft waxy-textured new potato with white skins and flesh that is ideal for boiling as a salad or new potato
Winston is a very early variety, giving good yields of bold white tubers within a very short growing season. Other varieties great that are great performers are the Duke of York & Orla

 It's also worth remembering that earlies are less likely to encounter pest problems as they're lifted so much earlier in the year.
Second earlies take 16 to 17 weeks to mature after planting, so you should be able to harvest them from very late June through to the start of August.
Caitriona : They have a distinctive kidney shape with purple splashes around the eyes. Catriona are a vigorous growing variety that produce strong yields.
Maris Piper : A pale skinned, potato with a dry floury textured flesh, ideal for traditional fluffy rustic chips.
 British Queen : This  variety is over 100 years old and still highly prized for its yield, shape, floury texture and delicious flavour.
Also great varieties in second earlies  are charoltee or try the unusual Shetland black. (A dark purple potato)

Maincrops are ready 18 to 20 weeks after planting, so they can be lifted usually from July through to October. Maincrops take up the most space in the garden, but they tend to be the best varieties to grow if you want some for storage. 
Cara : An allotment Favourite:  Excellent for baking and Chipping.
Kerrs pink:
the good old favourite in Ireland .  This variety accounts for 25% of potatoes grown in Ireland.
King Edward : A popular and well-loved late maincrop variety with good resistance to scab and slugs. Ideal for roasting .

How to chit : Chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting.. Start Chitting Now . Each seed potato has a more rounded, blunt end that has a number of 'eyes'.  Stand the tubers with the blunt end uppermost in trays or old egg boxes, with plenty of natural light . Keep this room cool.   The potatoes are ready to be planted out when the shoots are 1.5-2.5cm (0.5-1in) long.
How to plant
Before planting make sure you prepare the soil well.
Plant your chitted potatoes when the soil has started to warm up, usually from ST PATRICKS DAY.  
Plant early potatoes about 30cm (12in) apart with 40-50cm (16-20in) between the rows, and second earlies and maincrops about 38cm (15in) apart with 75cm (30in) between the rows.
Handle your chitted tubers with care, gently setting them into the trench with the shoots pointing upwards, being careful not to break the shoots. Cover the potatoes lightly with soil.
As soon as the shoots appear, earth up each plant by covering it with a ridge of soil so that the shoots are just buried.
You need to do this at regular intervals and by the end of the season each plant will have a small mound around it




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Composting in schools:

Any school could, and perhaps should, practise composting on site. There is, among some people, a certain but usually exaggerated fear of problems with rodents. These problems should not arise if the composting system is managed properly.

For any school with its own garden, making compost is a great boon in providing high-quality fertiliser and soil improvement from what are otherwise treated as waste materials. The children's and teachers' fruit peels, tea bags, ends of sandwiches etc. can all be converted into a valuable compost. This will also help the school's environmental performance, and can reduce waste costs.

A lot of schools use one or more plastic compost bins, which often become clogged up with an excess of soft, wet fruit and other food. These tall, narrow bins are not very suitable for this type of material as it compacts and becomes anaerobic very easily, hindering the composting process.

Composting requires a mix of soft moist "green" materials (such as fruit peelings and other food and canteen waste, and also grass cuttings) and drier, crisper "brown" materials (such as autumn leaves, straw, hay, sawdust, shredded paper, and cardboard) to work effectively. This requires a level of know-how and diligence within the school staff or Green Schools committee that may be difficult to maintain.


A much easier and more satisfactory solution for most schools would be a wormery such as the one pictured. This is a simple wooden box, filled with moist bedding material similar to the "brown" materials mentioned above, and stocked with composting worms, also known as tiger worms. These tiger worms are easy to acquire - they can be bought, or even found naturally in a pile of compost or animal manure. They eat steady amounts of soft material such as fruit peelings, tea and coffee grounds, and will also eat their bedding, turning it all into compost.






The advantages of a wormery include:

Easy and effective management of school's food waste

Can be kept in a shed or outdoors in a sheltered spot

Can easily be sheathed with wire mesh as extra precaution against rodents - though this should not be necessary

Produces a very high-quality compost

Great educational and nature awareness tool for children. A compost bin can be a "black hole" for dumping waste, while a wormery raises awareness of the ecology and importance of a usually unseen little creature.


Of course, composting is great but reducing food waste is more important. A glimpse into the typical school's compost or waste bin reveals whole uneaten apples, oranges, bananas and sandwiches that have been discarded. The Stop Food Waste campaign www.stopfoodwaste.ie helps children and adults to become aware of food waste and how to reduce it, saving themselves money while helping the environment.

The Stop Food Waste website also offers lots of valuable information on composting, for example the excellent "Composting - A Household Guide" booklet which can be downloaded at


Paper copies of this are also available by contacting Stop Food Waste.


For school visits on food waste and composting, including information on wormeries, contact Donal O' Leary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 087 7409304.


Article and Images by Donal. 

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