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Please Vote JCI Web 2017
If you  can take a moment to Vote For Griffins  in the National Friendly Business Awards  in the Eco Friendly Category 
It is easy and takes less than 30 seconds just click here https://www.jciireland.ie/fba-voting/
(By the way you can vote every 24hrs)
Winners of Cork JCI Eco Friendly Business 2017


Griffins are proud to announce that we have won Corks Eco friendliest business with JCI Ireland. As a result we are now in the running for Ireland's Eco friendliest business. 
This is judged by both judges and the public. If you believe Griffins deserves your vote, we wold love if you could take a moment and give us your vote.
It is easy and takes less than 30 seconds just click here https://www.jciireland.ie/fba-voting/
If you would like to Hear more about our eco Friendly Projects 
I have listed a few of these below
Plant Flowers and The Bees Will Follow. 
BEE friendly
This is our strong message across all branding and through out our  Events 
With Many Open days, talks  and other excellent events, Griffins has advised many tidy town groups, residential communities and gardeners to  always  use  bee friendly shrubs  plants and gardening techniques in each of their projects.  

Griffins always thrive to be the best while protecting our environment,. This year we have worked hard to promote Bee friendly gardening. With their work with Muintir na Tire and Cork County council, Many Schools through out Cork County  have created bee friendly gardens as part of the Cork School Garden competition as well to learn the benefits of upclyling, art and our Heritage while gardening. 
Through Griffin's Slug Club, our kids gardening club, The children of Cork learn all about the importance of bees and pollinators to our environment. Kids enjoy upcycling by using many old products as containers. All kids love to plant up their old wellies and school bags with bee friendly bulbs and plants. Reduce, reuse, recycle is a strong message through out Griffins. With a rebate system, Griffins reward customers to return old plastic plant pots which are reused in Our nursery, Local schools and gardening clubs. 

 Coffee Cup 2017
Compostable Cup
But our latest project has got our biggest response. This year Griffins and Down 2 Earth Materials  has designed a Compostable Takeaway Coffee Cup for all our customers.
Did you know In Ireland we throw away 100 million standard disposable cups each year.If an item is ‘Biodegradable,’ it will biodegrade, but the length of time it will take for this item to fully break down is not specified – It could take 1000 years for something that is ‘biodegradable’ to fully decompose.
If an item is ‘Compostable,’ it means that this item will biodegrade into nutrient-rich soil within a 180 day timeline – It will certifiably break down into soil within 8-12 weeks when commercially composted.

After having a takeaway coffee or tea from Griffins of Dripsey,  you now can reuse this Compostable cup as a Plant Pot or simply Compost it in your brown bin. (even the lid is 100% compostable). If you don't have time to plant it, why not  give it to a local school , Mens shed or gardening club, They would love to reuse it at a Seed Pot. On the Back of each cup you will find instructions on how to use the cup as a plant or seed pot. 

Here at Griffins, we  are always thriving to help reduce our Environmental footprints, respect and love Nature. 

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