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Margaret's Blog






Open Day 2017

An exciting date for your dairy. Wednesday the 8th of March  and Thursday the 9th . Griffins of Dripsey are hosting an  Open Day for Clubs, Societies and Associations .This free event begins at 11 am with Granny Griffins Award winning scones and tea / coffee on arrival to welcome you. Through out the day there will be lots for you to experience, taste and enjoy There will be samples of our Cooking demonstrations by Head chef Raphael and Creative  Gardening by Margaret Griffin.  Fun Interactive day guaranteed and don't forget to enter our draw to win great spot prizes  and to collect your VIP gift bag packed filled with treats and surprises. This free event is a ticketed event with limited spaces. To book your Free tickets (maximum four per Group) please contact me with the name of attendees, Club/ Business   and which date you would like to attend.  Book Early as this is a popular event.  
If you require any further information about our “2017 Package for Groups & Tours”, please feel free to

contact us by email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or phone

021 7334286.


Some demonstrations will take place in our all weather outdoor area : So Dress Warmly

 Groups Day Invitation 2017 BACKweb

Varieties Heavenly Blue , Blue star
This is one of the best Blue Flower ground covers available and is well know for its vibrant colour and good  ground cover spread.This award winning plant which is evergreen and flowers from April to September will brighten up any rockery or container. It thrives in  full sun and but will take  partial sun. Lithodora will cascade over a rock wall on down a side of a raised bed if you plant it at a tilt on the edge. 
Lithodora is a low maintenance plant that will not need much care. To ensure a healthy plant, create good drainage in the bed or in you container and feed well when planting. I would recommend a good slow release feed. This plant will on require further feeding if the foliage is changing to a lighter green. If required lightly prune back after flowering season to prevent your lithodora becoming twiggy. 
 scheinsteinsame heavenly blue m012436 h 0

Bee Friendly :  Lithodora diffusa attracts pollinators, and it also looks  fabulous in the garden. perfect

Grevillea lanigera ‘Mount Tamboritha' is an utterly charming, low-growing shrub that copes perfectly in a wide range of climatic conditions. This native of Australia resists every heavy blow that Mother Nature throws at it , from stormy coastal winds, to hot and dry summers to extreme winter cold. It is a superbly neat evergreen that only grows to a height of 30 to 50 cm, but can spread to a width of about 1,5 to 2 m.  its dense and soft needle-like foliage and its toughness, make it ideal for planting over terrace walls and for filling gaps on slopes. It is also lovely in a rock and gravel garden.Flowers are spider-like clusters and can be red or pinkish-cream. Best suited for a sunny position

The Grevillea is considered valuable as a honeybee plant because it produces such significant amounts of nectar and pollen over a long period of time.

Grevillea Lanigera Mount Tamboritha 2
Iberis Sempervirens 

Iberis sempervirens is a well-loved perennial, whose deep green foliage and pure white flowers create form and color at the front of the border and lining pathways. ideal for  a rockery  spreading to about 2 feet and about 10 inches tall. Iberis sempervirens is one of the best low growing perennials to bloom in the spring

The perennial Candytuft blooms from April through June. There is good reason it has received the RHS Award of Garden Merit

Their fragrance will attract a wide variety of butterflies and bees. The attractive plant is fast-growing and very low-maintenance. Use the bright white flowers to highlight other colours in the spring garden! Perfect with the Lithodora and Grevillea 



Iberis sempervirens Snowflake 11715 1280 1280


Hello Spring.

Spring has arrived and it is time to begin preparing your school garden. Through out  the school year Griffins Garden Centre, Muintir na Tíre and Cork County Council will be posting various blogs with quick top tips, proven winning formulas and advice for  School Gardens in Cork . If you wish for advice on any part of your school garden, please feel free to email Margaret or Miriam in Griffins Garden Centre, Dripsey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or call us on 021 7334286

Each year we all ask, Where to Start?Take a walk around the School Garden, take photos, notes and be creative.  
Many garden projects are created with a Mood Board for your Garden. This is just a board with pictures of your space and images you find of garden ideas that you would like to do in your school garden.  Then decide how to get this project done, who can we get materials from, can we get external help with the manual labour, what can we plant and when to start planting. 

 Sow and Grow 2017 is open now and accepting applications from schools across Ireland! This is a primary school based campaign. Early registration gives teachers the best chance of receiving a free growing kit, with seeds,soil and instructions and, of course, loads of support from GIY.  Apply now at giy.ie 

Ask the local commuinty groups if they would like to help, Mens shed, tidy towns and active retirement as well as the parents can be a great local resource. 
Also you maybe able to get older compost for local fruit and vegetable growers. 
What to do in your Garden over the next few weeks?
Get Organised
Collect Toilet Roll Inserts for biodegradable pots , plastic water bottles  for watering or for upcycling Containers. 
Get Cleaning, spring clean glass houses, polytunnels, raised beds etc. 

If you already haven't, get well rotted  (at least 2 years old) farm Manure or Fresh Compost into the Garden Beds

Do you have a compost heap? Its a great time to get one started.


Have you a water butt? Is it near the School garden? What can we use as a Water Butt?Start Chitting you first early Potatoes 

  • Chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting. 
  • Start chitting from late January in warmer parts of the country or in February in cooler areas, about six weeks before you intend to plant out the potatoes. 
  • Each seed potato has a more rounded, blunt end that has a number of 'eyes'. 
  • Stand the tubers with the blunt end uppermost in trays or old egg boxes, with plenty of natural light.



Save the bees with seed bombs:
Make a seed bomb with soil, compost and bee friendly seeds. allow them to dry. when it gets alot warmer, get the kids to throw these seed bombs into a Wasteland  area and watch these bloom 


DIY Pebble Art 5 2
Be creative and start making your labels for flowers, trees shrubs and plantsI hope this will help you to get started in your school garden and remember please reach out to Griffins Garden centre if you would like any advice at all. 
Happy Gardening from all the team at Griffins

The Bees Will Follow 2017
Plant  Flowers and the Bees will follow
For 2017, We are asking all gardeners, tidy town groups, businesses and schools to Always consider bee freindly plants when gardening. 

Where would we beee without bees?

As far as important species go, they are top of the list. Bees produce sweet honey but more importantly they pollinate most of our plants, Resulting in fruit, vegetable, nuts and seeds. A lot of crops that feed our animals, The plants that we harvest for coffee and cotton. Imagine what the shelves in the supermarkets and the menu in our favourite restaurant would look like. A world without the buzz of bees would definitely stingIf we respect nature, learn to grow with it, Nature, Bees and our Children will thrive. At Griffins in Dripsey, Margaret and her team believe the solutions to a bee friendly world are simple. If every home, school garden, business and community think about bees when planning their next outdoor project, we will protect our Bee population 

Support the replanting of Hedgerows and reintroduction of wild plants and shrubs to our country ditches. Theses natural borders were the home for so many habitats and flora. The decline of the fragrant and beautiful honeysuckle and Wild Roses is a massive loss to all.

For 2017, When designing a garden or bed, Margaret will always encourage planting bee friendly plants like traditional cottage garden plants, herbs, If possible create a wild garden area for wild flowers and provide a nesting site by leaving a pile of leaves, twigs and grass in a sunny corner. 

The Leaders of Nature

We are asking each Tidy town , Community group, Town Chamber should elect a sub team who are interested & excited about Nature and Wildlife. Small patches of wildflowers here and there in margins, gardens, waste ground, roadside verges and motorway embankments. A Small Change in each project could make a big difference. 

Pesty Solutions:

We can still control the Garden pests with out using neonictinoids and Chemicals.
neonictinoids are widely used to kill insects on farms and in gardens. Research has linked it to the disappearing bee population. In all of Margaret s talks and workshops she love to educate people on how to garden in a ecological friendly way. Cutting out neonictinoids and still keep insect and pest from your garden is easy. Use Garlic as a natural pesticide. An easy garlic wash is made from crushed garlic cloves in water with a few drops of washing up liquid. This is your bee friendly pesticide.

Teach The Children
Margaret love of nature has come from her parents and her wish is that parents would encourage their children to love and respect nature. Design their homes and gardens to be fun and friendly for Children and Bees. Get Children of their Ipads and into the Gardens . Check out The Slug Club at Griffins. Kids Learn all about nature and gardening while having Fun

Pollen & Nectar Rich Menu for planting ideas
The best Gardens provide a range of nectar and pollen rich flowers which bloom from spring through to late Spring.Bulbs: Bluebell, muscari, Snowdrops, CrocusHerbs. Nearly all herbs are Bee friendly especially rosemary, lavender and thyme.Cottage Garden plants: wallflowers, geraniums, foxgloves, heather, catmint, Geraniums,Shrubs & Trees Apple tree, horse-chestnut, willow, Hawthorn. Cotoneaster, Berberis, Quince, Fuchsia, Climbing hydrangeas and Honey suckle
Please do your bit and BEE Friendly
bee main image

Top Fragrant Daffodils For a bright Spring

Some of my favourite daffodils are the ones that exude a wonderful fragrance in spring and early summer. Some of these scents are so nostalgic, bringing me back to my childhood and wonderful walks through fields and gardens. There is something about the fragrance from a flower, it's like a time machine has been switched on and has taken you back to your childhood. The Variety of Double Fragrant Narcissus this year are amazing

Double narcissus have extra petals present, or have a double trumpet, and sometimes both. This double effect makes a very interesting flower that will add a special touch to any garden or landscape. Often Double narcissus have more than one flower per stem and the following varieties have a wonderful fragrance

Narcissus Rose Of May: Delight your senses with this compact, late-blooming daffodil. This distinctively different variety produces fully double whorls of ivory white petals that resemble gardenias, and exude a most delicious fragrance

rose of may 1200 a

Narcissus Obadam :The large, Gardenia-like blooms of this highly fragrant daffodil make a show-stopping and stylish addition to the spring garden! The fully double, clear white blooms of Narcissus 'Obadam' are produced in mid to late spring, looking superb in contemporary containers or planted in bold drifts through borders. These scented narcissus flowers are also excellent for cutting

Narcissus Pipers End : This small cupped pure white variety is a valuable addition to our range. Pipers End flowers in May and has a distinctive sweet scent

Narcissus Rip Van winkle:

An Extraordinary, Yet Beautiful Dwarf Daffodil with Highly Cut-petals like a homemade child's star. Its one of my all time favourites.

narcissus rip van winkle dwarf double daffodil 373

Margaret's Tip of the Week:

It's a great idea to plant your bulbs in a plastic pot (recycle some) and then plunge them in the ground. When flowering is over and you have got all of the please that these plants have to offer, lift the whole pot out of the ground and hide it somewhere in your garden, so that you won't have to look at the dead foliage of the daffodil.

On Friday the 5th August The dripsey valley was filled with the magical voices of the High Hopes choir. 

 High hopes choir blog
A few weeks prior Griffins entered a competition on Today fm to win a BBQ for your staff with Hellmanns and Off the Charts. When the team at Griffins saw this, They decided to try to win in and donate the BBQ to the wonderful Penny Dinners and High hopes choir.  A thank you to all the volunteers and the team that do Magical work in Cork in bringing awareness to Homelessness and Producing quality Free meals everyday for so many people in cork
 Margarets interviewblog
After Wining the Competition, Margaret Contacted Caitriona in penny Dinners with the great news. Fergal darcy and Today fm are bring the off the charts show to Griffins in Dripsey. They will working with Hellmanns to put on a beautiful BBQ  and all this will be for Cork Penny Dinners and the High Hopes. 
What an event it was. The Grilltopia arrived with food for over 100 people. Fergal Darcy and co produced a show of fun , love and song. The High hopes choir with members from cork , Dublin and Waterford arrived to entertain the nation with their magical voices. Bringing hope and awareness to Homelessness in Cork. 
Fergal and Ed fell in love with Griffins hot lips and of Course Granny Griffins scones. Tasting them live on air they too agree that they are the best scone in Ireland. 
Best scones blog 
After the show, High hopes heard exciting news that they will be travelling to Dublin to record an album with Aslan in the next few weeks. Christy Dignam is a true friend and fan of the High Hope Choir. 
Margaret Griffin would love to thank all involved , Creating a Joyful Afternoon for Cork Penny Dinners. The team from Today Fm, Hellmanns and Grilltopia were Kind hearted and Loving. An afternoon of great laughs, Emotional stories, Heart warming Singing and Music followed with exciting news for High Hopes choir. Thank you everyone. 
Grilltopia blog




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