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We are delighted to announce that Griffins are shortlisted for IEDR Optimise Fund ! There was  over 150 applications which have been shortlisted down to 32 at the moment.  15 winners will be selected from the shortlist, 10 by public vote and 5 by our judging panel.  Griffins would love your Vote


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Optimise Fund 2015


Now in its fifth year, the IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund was created to encourage and enable Irish SMEs or micro-enterprises to make greater use of existing web technologies to maximise their online presence. Since its’ launch in 2011, the OPTIMISE Fund has provided funding to 60 Irish SMEs and micro-enterprises who have invested its’ funding in expanding their websites to facilitate online selling and to optimise their online presence. Through an increased and improved web presence, businesses have successfully been able to reach a wider audience and, in turn, grow their businesses.

There are 32 businesses shortlisted for this year’s OPTIMISE Fund, including Griffins Of Dripsey. This shortlist will now be reduced further, down to the 15 final companies who will be selected as this year’s OPTIMISE Fund recipients.

An online public vote will select 10 of the final 15 fund recipients with the additional five businesses selected by the independent judging panel. This year’s independent judging panel is chaired by Conall O’Móráin (Today FM’s Sunday Business Show) and consists of Keith Bohanna (Near Future), Ronan Smith (AIB) and Alan Sherlock (SFA)


Granny griffins scones are officially the Best Scones in Ireland. Goodalls of Ireland, Odlums and the Public have given Granny Griffin this award for 2015


Makes 15-18  Award Winning scones 

Turn on oven to 180 degrees celsius (fan oven).  Always make sure it is hot before
you start 


2 lbs of Odlums Self Raising Flour
2 level teaspoons of baking powder
8 oz of Cold unsalted butter
2  of Granny Griffin handfuls of Shamrock Quality Sultanas.
2 free range eggs  (do not whisk the eggs)
Fresh Milk from the fridge
Butter Milk at room temperature
A teacup of Siucra Caster Sugar (150-180g) adjust to taste. 
Mix all dry ingredients and Cubes of butter with your cool hands 
Add in 2 whole eggs (not whisked) and an even mix of whole milk and Butter milk.
The amount of milk
will vary but Granny Griffin always aims for quite a wet mixture .
Granny Griffins Secrets from her  treasured recipe book
Always keep your eggs at room temperature. Never in a fridge and not in a very
warm place
in your kitchen
Have all your ingredients as cool as possible. 
Mix all the dry ingredient well first and then add cubes of butter. You need to do
 this with very coldhands. As they say cold hands .... Warm heart.
 Dont over work these ingredients. Then out with a fork and mix in the eggs and milk
mixture to a nice wet consistency. 
Cool your hands with water again and knead the mixture. Handle the dough with love,
Never ever over work it. 
Roll out the mixture on a cool table to a thickness of an inch high. 
Cut with a cool scone cutter. never twist the scone cutter.  Try to cut straight down. 
Glaze scone with an egg. Top and sides. This will help your scones stand proud.
Put scones  into your warm oven as quickly as possible. 
Bake for 15-18minutes. ever oven is different
Always bake your scones with love and quality ingredients. 
Serve with Homemade jam and Freshly whipped cream. 
For a Seasonal strawberry scone replace the sultanas with the best strawberries available.
Rosscarberry Strawberries are given the seal of approval From Granny Griffin 


Heavenly hanging baskets are a lot easier to create than many people think. Margaret Griffins top tips will ensure that Cork will heave the best hanging baskets this summer.


Firstly you need to decide where you are hanging this basket? Full sun or shade


Then what size basket? Smaller than a 14” basket can be very hard to keep watered during the summer.


What style basket would you like? One block colour can be very striking and visual from a distance. While a basket with a mixture of colours and plants will reward you with personality and colour



Here are a few of my favourite Hanging basket recipes


The Summer Breeze.

Vibrant Colours of the Coast has inspired this recipe. Sky blue and Lime surfinias, yellow biden and blue bacopa. Plant the Biden in the middle and feed it through the other plants.


summer breez basket


White Icing.

The elegance of a white hanging basket is second to none. Create this look with a mixture of plants that are pure white, White ivy leaf geraniums, bacopa , Verbena, lobulaira princess and White surfinias. If possible during hanging this where a light reflect on it and it will shine bright through the night.



County Pride.

Support your county with a basket overflowing with a mixture of reds and whites. The rich velvet verbena, red Surfinia mixed with a white verbena, bacopa and the fragrant Lobulaira princess will create a proud basket




Mediterranean Dreams

Ideal for a windy position as geraniums do not need much watering.

The ivy leaf pink geranium is vibrant yet elegant. It will flower all sumer long and ideal for a hard to reach baskets. ( tip a geranium basket require less feed and water than most other summer plants).

 mediterranean basket



Shade loving blooms .

The proven winner for shade loving baskets are begonias. They will keep on flowering till late autumn. Have you tried a million kisses begonias? The name says it all


Top tips for all baskets


  1. The larger your basket the easier it is to maintain and keep watered.

  2. Always tilt trailing plants when planting. They will perform much better and create a basket that is overflowing with colour

  3. Never leave your basket dry out. Always Increase the watering as the baskets get bigger

  4. Use a good quality compost. I always use Grosure container and hanging basket compost.

  5. Add extra feed with a Slow release tablet. Grosure tablets will ensure that you basket gets a constant feed all season long

  6. Regularly remove spent flowers and your basket will continuously produce new blooms.

  7. Plant the right plants to suit the environment. Certain plants are shade lovers while other prefer to get the midday sun.

  8. I often drop my baskets down to see if they need extra compost, to remove all dead heads and to water the basket well. It is so worth doing this every few weeks. Add some tomato feed to the water can when you are doing this




Shade loving plants:

Begonia's, Fuchsia, Diascias


Sunny Position:

Geraniums, Surfinia, Verbena, Nemesia, Bacopa Million bells, Lobularia,

Tried and Tested ...... Proven Winners at Griffins

Looking for plants you can trust to create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden? All you have to do is look for the Proven Winners name to

know you're getting the most distinctive plants on the market. That's because Proven Winners have been tried and tested by our head grower John

to ensure our varieties are vigorous, healthy, vibrant, and unique.

Proven Winners plants are:

Easy to grow and care for

  • Covered with blossom and blooms

  • Bright and colorful

  • All-season bloomers

  • Disease free


I am sure my favourite proven winners will also be your when you test them this year


Osteospermum symphony Orange . Vibrant orange daisy Flower with a purple centre. Loves a sun position and very good drainage.

Beautiful in pots, hanging baskets and beds. Low maintenance and no deadheading required. Combine with purple surfinia in a sunny window box

or pot and this plant will reward you all summer long.


Nemesia Trio Mio Alegria: trio mio creates the perfect summer pot or basket with one easy plant. Three varieities of nemesia have been carefully

selected and planted together as a recipe to make a beautiful display. Bright, cheerful and sophisticated. Alegria combines the best of early flowering

Nemesia in red, yellow and white, all with coordinating yellow eyes on green semi-trailing foliage.

algeria 2

Verbena Vepita Dark red , White or Hotpink.

Verbena have a beautiful large round clusters of bright dainty blooms that appear against luxurious green spreading foliage. These trailing plants are so easy to maintain when planted in grosure container and hanging basket compost. They love full sun and flower from the end of April to October.

Perfect mixed with other seasonal plants for bowls, baskets and other containers, alternatively they can be planted on their own.

verbena dark red

Nemessia Cherry on Ice The unique red and white bicolour flowers of Nemesia Sunsatia™ 'Cherry On Ice' make it ideal to grow in a

courtyard pot, in a basket or for stunning garden display. Flowers from May to October, easy maintenance with no deadheading. Feed with slow release

granules when planting for a longer flowering period


nemesia cherry_on_ice_pot

Million Bells Double RUBY also known as Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS are delightful, interesting and easy-to-grow annuals that flower all summer.

Superbells ‘DOUBLE RUBY’ is a novelty in Calibrachoa with fully double flowers which resemble small roses in a beautiful ruby red colour.

It has a slightly trailing to upright, strong and rich growth. Prefers a sunny spot, but is resistant to rain and wind. The greatest winner last year

for my front door basket




Buddleja Buzz ivory, lavender and sky blue. Three of the best varieites of small buddleja A Buddleja for the pot!

A revolution in Buddleja, the Buzz series has been bred to be suitable for the container and border planting.

Great for butterflies and bees too!

Buzz ‘Ivory’ are strong, elegant plants with gorgeous, white flowers.

Buzz 'Lavender' Wonderful violet-lilac flowers with an orange eye on good container performing habit.

Buzz sky Blue Sky-blue flowers emerge in early summer attracting butterflies and bees.


Salivia Hot lips This variety flowers from June right through to November! It's a very easy Salvia to grow and if we get a 'normal' Irish winter,

it should flourish again next year. 'Hot Lips' is a wonderful for patios and it's striking red flowers really stand out in a container.

It has won numerous awards in UK flower shows and are well worth having as an outstanding addition to your patio garden!

What People Don't Know about Rock Gardens (in the Natural World)


Rock garden plants grow on very high altitudes, which means they need to tolerate being exposed to the elements. On these mountainous landscapes, the ground is generally shaley rock, with very little actual soil. From this natural habitat of 'rock garden' plants, we know that stoney, well-drained soil is best.

The conditions typically seen in this habitat can be a far cry from wet and sodden soil of Cork and Kerry. This is why a lot of plants rot and die in our climate! Rock garden plants are very useful for harsh climates and exposed gardens, and once you invest in a few bags of grit, you're on your way to adding an amazing feature in your garden.

Rockery plants must be cut back regularly to give repeat flowering. Most colour rock plants will flower until late summer when this is done.

Contemporary Rock Gardens

The modern contemporary rock garden is based on the use of clean design lines, with the focus on hard landscaping materials – stones, concrete etc. The planting style is bold but simple, with the use of drifts of one or two plants that repeat throughout the design. Grasses are a very popular choice for this style of design and lighting will sometimes play an integral role in the modern garden, especially low voltage LED lights, used to create subtle and atmospheric lighting effects.

Japanese Rock gardens

Japanese rock gardens are probably the best in the world, at least, based on the principles of rock and gravel gardening, with most of the plants consisting of evergreens such as pines, mosses, Japanese Maples and Japanese Azaleas. The attention to detail is always strikingly obvious in Japanese rock gardens and most are actually very small in terms of area.

Margaret's Tips for a 'Wow!' Rockery

1. Strive to achieve year round colour – most rockery gardens look well in spring but fail to impress in late summer and winter.

2. A raised bed would make a great rock garden

3. Most banks or slopes just scream 'turn me into a rockery!'

4. Poor, stoney soil is your main criteria

5. Use rocks that are local to your area as they will look more natural

6. A gravel area where you can sit is worthwhile in every rock garden

7. Rock gardens can be serene or full of life and vibrant colour, depending on your own taste.

Some great rockery plants:


A foolproof choice of plant for any beginner gardener. Beauty as well as simplicity!

Alpine Phlox

Alpine Phlox is an amazing plant, quite happy to sit in gravelly paths and crevices. Phlox absolutely hate damp, sodden soil.


Most people will recognise this plant for it's ability to hug rocks and ditches to produce an abundance of flowers all summer.



The mainstay of any spring garden. By cutting back when flowers get tired, this plant will give wonderful colour until late summer.


A foolproof choice of plant for any beginner gardener. Beauty as well as simplicity!



there are few plants that have such a contrast between bright blue flowers and deep green foliage,

making an unforgetable Display.


Get on your Bikes and Up cycle in Your Garden

Some people are up cycling in school. The school garden competition loves to recycle and up cycle.

Your teacher will love some creative Ideas


What Container will you fill?

Is there a hole in it. If not don't over water and fill base with Stones. We dont want the plants roots to get yucky by been stuck in water all the time

succulent-toolbox s4x3_lg


The first Rule of Up cyling is Be creative.


What is around and how can I use it. Most thing can be used as a containers


inspirational gardens