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A Special Message from Griffins
This is the hardest post I have ever put up!
I know some of our customers know this news already, but for others it will be the first time you will have heard about our dream business coming to an end.
So here goes…
Just before Christmas, my husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, which was devastating news. But we are blessed that this cancer has not spread so his prognosis is very good, thank God.
Most of you will know that John was the brains behind all our home-grown plants. He has been growing plants since he was 13. He grew tomatoes and cucumbers commercially for years. Then, when we got married, he changed over to the patio and colour plant market. He grew exclusively for Griffins. Most of our success was due to his quality plants. It was our unique selling-point. John has decided with his brush with cancer, that the stress of growing in volume for Griffins, was more than he could cope with at this time, so he retired as a grower…
And that leads to my decision to
Retire Griffins Garden Centre Ltd., My Business dream of 35 years. Those that know me know that flowers creating wonderful displays and hard work is what I did best.
Our core team at Griffins were exceptional, and I’m not boasting when I say, we looked after our customers really well. We loved what we did, and we loved our customers. Our staff are devastated, as am I. Griffins was made up of a team who just worked well together and had good fun along the way.
To all out staff, I thank you so much. We worked hard, we got on well, except for our odd flare up, but we always made up after the heated moment was over.
It was such a hard decision to make, but the time came when family had to be a priority. Having a family-run business is difficult and 15-hour days were the norm for most of those 35 years… So now payback time for a more normal life…
Covid has taught us all quite a lot about life and how valuable. It has taught me to slow down a little and to re-think what are the most important things in life… Family… Staff… Friends… And, of course our Creator.
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Griffins Through the decades has been awarded many times here are a few
Irelands Garden Centre of the Year, 3 years in a row.
Best Scone in Ireland
Cork’s Friendliest Business Award
Best Eco-Friendly Business
Best Charity-orientated Business
Best Business for the use of Irish Language
Cork Business Award of Best Garden Centre in Cork for 3 Years.
Blas na hÉireann award.
Griffins truly was .. A Magical experience.
 best scones1
We are not selling Griffins. As all this has happened very suddenly, and we just could not bare to put our dream up for sale. But I am working with our estate agent to lease Griffins and hopefully, all our wonderful staff will be back to look after you all again soon, in a new and exciting venture.
To all out Customer, what can I say? We had great fun…Demonstrations, Concerts, Charity Cycle, Fashion Shows, Carol Singing, Breakfast with Santa, Santa in our Cottage, and all our other events throughout the years. Many of you enjoyed your family celebrations in Griffins from Christening and Communion to Birthdays and Baby showers. It was a pleasure.
We have been Blessed to have such a successful business, and now, while its really sad to stop doing what we love, I’m sure all this has happened for a reason, and I certainly believe this.
The Good News…
We re-open on the 6th of April for a period of approx. 2 months to give everyone a chance to use up their Gift Cards, and of course, experience Griffins for the last few times. We will turn these few moments into a celebration of the fun and pleasure we all together
A Rose has many Thorns…but it is always The Rose you will remember.
Cork Schools Garden Competition 2020

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