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Carrot amsterdam 2 sweetheart

Price per Unit : € 1.99

Slender roots

Very early


Superbly sweet and very early, this variety has a great colour and is virtually coreless, especially when young.


Turns a meal into a feast!

Sowing carrots

Carrots don’t do well when transplanted so are best sown in situ. Temperatures should be above 5°C (41°F) but germinate faster in temperatures above 10°C (50°F).

Use a cloche or horticultural fleece to warm up soil beforehand. Sow seeds thinly in dills 15cm (6in) apart and 1cm (0.5in) deep. Thin out during the evening to 5 to 8cm (2 to 3in) apart.

Erect a 60cm (24in) fleece fence around your patch to protect crop from carrot root fly. It’s important to weed regularly when plants are young.

Hand weed to avoid root damage from hoes. Once a canopy has been formed weeds should become suppressed. Keep soil moisture consistent as the roots could split if sporadically overwatered.

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