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Coprosma Pina Colada

Commonly known as a ‘Mirror Plant’, coprosma’s foliage looks as if tiny little elves snuck in and meticulously varnished each perfectly shaped oval leaf. Yes, they’re that shiny. The perfect shrub for the textural delight in container Gardening . For vibrant colour I love the Pina Colada(Pina Colada Mirror Bush) - A very colorful evergreen upright-growing shrub to 4 feet tall and as wide with striking glossy wavy-margined leaves that are a distinct yellow-gold color with deep red-orange edges and with enhanced orange to red coloration in the cooler weather of winter. Flowers are inconspicuous.This Shrub is ideal in a container or pot. It is always a beautiful centre piece for your pot.
Heuchera Lime Marmalade
Zingy, lime green leaves make this plant a show stopper through the year at the front of a partly shaded border where it will light up the area. Spires of white flowers in summer are loved by bees. 

This is one of the best performers in the heuchera Family. My Top tip for planting heucheras , Loads and Loads of Horticultural grit under neath the roots. I also recommend planting this quite high. The top of the roots should be about inch or 2 above ground. this is true for all heuchera, Plant them like this and the the will reward you will wonderful foliage through out the year. 

Acorus 'ogon
picture acorus ogon 10
'Acorus 'ogon' is the most wonderful evergreen grass, that shines like sunshine all year round. Sometimes known as Slender sweet flag 'Ogon', they are moisture-loving perennials forming tufts of linear or sword-shaped leaves, with insignificant spike-like flowers borne near the tips of central leaf-like stems.
It can grow in shade and can tolerate wet boggy conditions so it is ideal for a damp shady area of your garden. It's bright cheerful appearance gives any garden a cheerful appearance all winter and it stays evergreen even in cold wet conditions 
The Variety  'Ogon' is a compact deciduous grass-like perennial forming a clump to 30cm tall, with narrow, bright yellow leaves, lightly striped with yellowish-green. Perfect for container planting either on its own or mixed with plants.  Acorus has a lovely flowing effect which adds movement to any garden
Begonia Glowing Embers 
Begonia Glowing Embers 5 Large Plug Plants 2 81936 p

The vivid oranges and apricot blooms of Begonia Glowing Embers will keep your garden gleaming with colour all summer long right up till first frost! Fantastic dark bronze foliage provides a spectacular contrast to the flame coloured flowers, making this a star turn in any planting scheme. This luminous beauty turns heads wherever it's planted! As a tuber, like dahlias, you can store these from one year to the next. Like all begonias theu thrive in partial or full shade so ideal for our weather

Begonia  santa cruz sunset

These spectacular begonias produce masses of enormous blooms all summer long. Perfect for borders, containers, or baskets! A classic summery plant that will bring a great amount of intense colour. Feed with slow release food and these Begonias will keep flowering until October/November!



Cocktail  Recipe for a Vibrant Autumn Colour Container 

Coprosma Pina Colada

1 Trailing Begonia  Santa Cruz Sunset 

1 Begonia Glowing Embers

1 Heuchera Lime Marmalade

1 Acorus Ogon

Trailing yellow pansies **

Yes The nursery at Griffins has just brought up the First batch of Trailing Pansies. 

Choose a large container, I love elho light weight vibrant Pots. Make sure there is good drainage in the pot. Add horticultural grit to the bottom of the pot. Fill The Container with Multi-purpose container with added John Innes. 

Add  3-4 Spoons of a Nutri Slow release feed. 

Place all the plants  on top of soil before planting to ensure that you like their postion. Then begin to plant each one. Ensure you keep the heuchera planted high. if possible place grit around the roots of the Heuchera.  Water well when planting is completed . This Container will need little to no Maintenance. Just ensure it doesn't dry out. 


If you would like any Garden advice Please contact Griffins Garden centre Dripsey on 021 7334286 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  www.griffinsgardencentre.ie 


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