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May 2019
Griffins Club Members BARREL
 2 for €45.00
Our Blenheim Half Barrel is a super versatile gardening feature. Whether you are looking for a planter for deep rooted shrubs or a patio vegetable garden. It will even work as an attractive water feature. Made from high grade plastic, but designed to look authentically wooden, you get the benefits of a beautiful, yet lightweight and durable planter. A robust outdoor planter that won't let you down.
Retail Price €25.99 each


Griffins Club Members SENETTI 


The brilliant flowers of Senetti  are very eye-catching at this time of year. These are large daisy-type flowers in shades of violet, and magenta . The colours are very intense and some plants have a white band that creates a strong contrast. There is no mistaking this plant, it is very distinctive.

Senetti can flower through spring and summer. When the first flowering comes to an end, cut back faded flower stalks down the leaf level, give the plant a high potash feed, tomato food or slow release and you will find your Senetti flowering again in a few weeks. We have had customers say they have got to September with abundant flowers! Obviously, choosing a nice sheltered position helps to extend the flowering season

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Griffins Club Members WALTONS 
Peaches & Cream Tablelinen and Cushions from Waltons
 The Peaches and Cream Range from Waltons  will definitely bring the Summer Colours of the outdoors into your Home.  These will  instantly add to the levels of comfort and sense of style throughout your home 
Avail of 20% Off this range In store for the Month of May
 Griffins Club Members SUCCULANT


Succulent Planters

Unique Planters that look lovely as a Patio Table top. Low to Maintenance required. An ideal gift For Garden or BBQ Party


Griffins Club Members TRAY
20% Of all Laptrays
Large Range available in store
The lap tray provides a level, steady worktop for reading, writing or eating a meal.



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