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Idea For Up cycling in your Garden or School Garden

Get on your Bikes and Up cycle in Your Garden

Some people are up cycling in school. The school garden competition loves to recycle and up cycle.

Your teacher will love some creative Ideas


What Container will you fill?

Is there a hole in it. If not don't over water and fill base with Stones. We dont want the plants roots to get yucky by been stuck in water all the time

succulent-toolbox s4x3_lg


The first Rule of Up cyling is Be creative.


What is around and how can I use it. Most thing can be used as a containers



Butterfly bush

Butterfly in Irish is a hard word: Féileacán


Some Butterflies hibernate but not all, some fly away to warmer countries this is called migration.

Those that hibernate sleep from late autumn to mid spring

Two types of butterflies that Hibernate In Ireland are the Peacock Butterfly and the Tortoiseshell butterfly


So what do they need to hibernate

Food... where do they get it? From Many plants but our favourite is the butterfly bush or the buddleia . They get loads of nectar from it.

They can sleep in an Ivy plant growing up your house, Shed or in the garden.




Some butterflies Go to Sleep for a few months while the weather is really cold and wakes up in spring.

How do we know its cold ?

there is loads of wind and rain.

Snow and Ice.

Thats about ninety Day and nights sleep..... Wow. Do you think the wake up with an alarm call or when the spring sun comes out?

Other butterflies fly to warm countries

Can anyone name a warm country?

Butterflies need to eat loads before the go to sleep for so long

Where do they get ther food. From Plants

There is a plant called the butterfly bush and it flowers has loads and loads of food..

Food from plants is called .....


Kids just want to be gardening!

painted snake_gourd


Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives!


Even from a very young age. Children love to mess around in the soil. It's natural at that age that they feel connected to nature and it makes them happy. But unfortunately, most parents can't appreciate the goodness of being connected to nature, and so the child gets pulled to television screens, Nintendos, junk food and all that goes with growing up in Ireland today.... kids' parties in overcrowded and noisy activities arenas etc!


In other countries, especially France and Canada, children are hiked off to enjoy more outdoor activities, woodland walks, hiking, camping and general family activities out in the midst of nature. Save our children from 'nature deficit disorder' – gardening is the best education of all!

Better health comes from being out in the fresh air, and appreciation of wildlife, quality family time and environmental awareness all lead to a better future.



Weekend project for the kids!


Snake Gourds – these are a strange gourd that are really exciting to grow as they have fruit that look like slippery snakes! When the fruits are dried you can paint them with spots, stars, stripes or whatever you like to make them really look like slithering serpents! Snake gourds are available in small seed packets. Get out there and watch them grow!

Why Mung Beans?

mung beans


I'm one of the most popular beans in the whole wide world, even more popular than baked beans! I'm so easy to grow and lots of fun too! Are you going to grow me? If you are, then listen to these great tips from our Slug Club teachers Emma and Meig.

To grow me, you really don't need much. All you need is a glass jar with a lid, and a grown up to punch holes in the lid. If you don't have a lid, don't worry, I'll be happy with a cloth over me.

When you take me home, soak me overnight, then drain me off and put me in a coffee jar. Get a grown-up to make holes in the cover of the jar. Leave me in a cool place, i don't like too much sunshine! Wash me through two times a day for 3 or 4 days. Yummy! I'm ready to eat! :)

Coffee Jar 'Propagators'



What a cool way to get fantastic looking plants & recycle all of Mum's empty coffee jars!


What you need:

• A few coffee jars (the bigger the better)
• John Innes Multipurpose Compost
• Grit (small stones)
• Scissors or secateurs (make sure you have an adult with you and be careful!)
• Shrubs from your garden will provide cutting material


What to do:

Put a layer of grit or stone at the base of the jar. Quarter-fill your jar with John Innes Multipurpose Compost mixed with grit (make sure your compost is pre-wetted)


Now take about 3 cuttings from your favourite shrub or plant. Cut off a cutting approximately  10-15cm long, remove lower leaves and wash in                regular tap water (no need for rooting powder). Dry off excess water off cutting and insert cuttings in compost. Space out cuttings in a triangular formation.

Put your lids on the coffee jar and place in a warm position but not in direct sunlight! There is no need to water as the lid keeps in all the moisture. Cuttings should root in 6 to 8 weeks.



Some of the easiest plants to root are:

• Geraniums
• Ivy
• Coleus
• Fuchsia
• Hebes
• Buddleia (Buttefly Bush)
• Choisya 


Stay in touch to learn what to do with these cuttings once they have rooted!

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