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Price per Unit : € 6.99

Common name: Lithodora

Botanical name: Lithodora oleifolia

Categories: Summer colour, patio plants, cottage garden plants

Flowering: April to September

Care: This is one of the best Blue Flower ground covers available and is well know for its vibrant colour and good  ground cover spread.This award winning plant which is evergreen and flowers from April to september will brighten up any rockery or container. It thrives in  full sun and but will take  partial sun. This Plant will cascade over a rock wall on down a side of a raised bed if you plant it at a tilt on the edge.

Margaret's Tip:

Lithodora is a low maintenance plant that will not need much care. To ensure a healthy plant, create good drainage in the bed or in you container and feed well when planting. I would recommend a good slow release feed. This plant will on require further feeding if the foliage is changing to a lighter green. If required lightly prune back after flowering season to prevent your lithodora becoming twiggy.







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