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Price per Unit : € 9.95

Senetti is ideally grown in a cool and airy location outdoors. Frost protection is needed, and try to avoid that easterly wind which is scorching everything at the moment.

It can dry up very quickly, so be careful when growing in containers – make sure you don't let your soil get too dry!

Senetti can flower through spring and summer. When the first flowering comes to an end, cut back faded flower stalks down the leaf level, give the plant a high potash feed, tomato food or slow release and you will find your Senetti flowering again in a few weeks. We have had customers say they have got to September with abundant flowers! Obviously, choosing a nice sheltered position helps to extend the flowering season.

Care with watering

Take great care when you water your pots at this time of year. Mornings and afternoons can get very cold so I suggest midday watering and take the cold out of the water (this can be done by standing a watering can in a sunny position for an hour or so, or else add warm water to your can to take the chill out of it). It makes sense: how would you like a can of freezing cold water poured over you on a frosty morning or late evening? It would be a shock to your system! Well, the same goes for plants – green fingers? No, just common sense.

Dead Heading

As will anything flowering, deadheading is essential. Don't make a big thing of this. I find it's best to deadhead every time you see a withered flower. The golden rule being: dead head as you pass your pots. Once you get into this routine it's no bother!






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