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Wallflower 'Sugar Rush'

One of our favourite fragrant flowers  that will stroll down memory lane with you.

This is one of the most exciting wallflowers to emerge in recent years. Dense, fragrant flower spikes in shades of cream, yellow, red and purple appear not only in the spring, but throughout the autumn too. With a delightful sweet fragrance and compact, multi-branching habit, Wallflower ‘Sugar Rush’ is perfect for beds, borders, containers and window boxes, creating a mass of colour and scent when much of the garden is dormant. Versatile and undemanding, wallflowers are tough enough to cope in even the poorest soils. This plant will reward you with a very long flowering season

A great way to brighten up your garden or front door from now, giving you colour for a long period and fragrance that will take you back to your childhood. The best compost to use is Westland john innes multi-purpose. I would plant these with half compost and half potting grit to ensure they have good drainage.  The Sugar rush will grow to a height of 30cm (12").  Always plant in clusters of 3 or 5. Either on their own or combined with every green shrubs or Pansies:To get the best perfume from your 'Sugar Rush' choose a sunny position. The sun will always bring out the fragrance in Plants.The bees and other pollinators too are fans of the These wallflowers.

So don't be a Wallflower, Plant them instead. 













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