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Strawberry elan pack of 6

Price per Unit : € 10.99

Homegrown strawberries taste amazing and are so easy to grow – but, not in the ground! I have found it much easier, and an abundance of fruit had grown, when I grew my strawberries in growbags, in hanging baskets and in raised beds.

When strawberries are grown up high they won't get attacked by slugs and are less likely to get disease (by being away from the damp Cork soil).

Why not grow a few strawberries in a high plastic container, recycle an old drum and cut holes in it and plant strawberries through the holes on top of the container as well.

You will have a wonderful crop of great tasting strawberries in no time!

A really tasty variety is Elan. This is a professional variety for the demanding amateur grower. It has been given the title of gourmet strawberry.  Previously this variety was exclusively available to the professional grower, so it's a real delight to finally be able to offer this on the domestic market!







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